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Maryam Parman

Bicycles are a common mode of transportation for many people. Many people choose to ride their bikes to work and to run errands. Many others choose to walk. Pedestrians are very common in states like California where the weather is nice year-round. Unfortunately, there is a lack of protection when riding a bike or walking on a sidewalk. Oftentimes, bicyclists and pedestrians when involved in accidents.

Some of the most common causes of bicycle or pedestrian accidents include distracted drivers of vehicles who fail to yield or even see these individuals. Unfortunately, drivers may not be paying attention to what is right outside of their vehicle.

Severity of Bike or Pedestrian Accidents

Bicyclists and pedestrians who are injured due to an accident with the car can suffer serious, life-threatening injuries, which can result in high medical bills. The severity of these types of accidents is simply because there is a lack of protection for these individuals.

In addition to death, bike and pedestrian related accidents can also result in severe injuries such as a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or even the loss of limbs. Traumatic brain injuries can last a couple of months, to years, to an entire lifetime. Spinal cord injuries can result in partial or complete paralysis. Loss of limbs can be a life changing event that would require an injured victim to go through rehabilitation to use prosthetic devices if they are available. All these injuries, as well as fractures, broken bones, scrapes, scars, and more, can result in extensive hospital stays which can place an extreme financial burden on families.

How to Find the Best Bicycle or Pedestrian Attorney

Finding the right lawyer is a big decision for those who have been injured in a bike or pedestrian accident. Super Woman Super Lawyer Maryam Parman has been representing bicycle and pedestrian accident victims for over 30 years and has over $750 Million recovered for her clients. Our track record speaks for itself! Call Maryam Parman today for a free, no obligation consultation or free second opinion on your case. Do yourself a favor and call the best! Get a free evaluation today!

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