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Pedestrian in crosswalk near car suggesting the need for a Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney

As a pedestrian, there are few safeguards against reckless driving – especially in a city known for its traffic and busy streets like Los Angeles. Apart from staying alert and crossing the street when it’s your turn, when you’re on foot, your personal safety is entirely reliant on drivers following the rules of traffic. When those rules are breached (as they frequently are), the results are often devastating, and could require the services of a skilled Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney.

In 2015, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced “Vision Zero,” a plan to eliminate all pedestrian deaths in the city by 2025. Though Vision Zero certainly presents a noble goal, the need for a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer remains, and some have criticized the program of not doing enough, quickly enough, with CBSLA noting an increase of traffic fatalities by 33% since the program began. Actions so far have included adding more visibility to some of L.A.’s most deadly streets, such as Manchester, with the Los Angeles times reporting 1,162 crosswalk upgrades across the city in 2019, as well as digital signs in key areas that alert drivers to their speed, or to when a pedestrian is crossing. Unfortunately, the program has yet to achieve even its first primary benchmark of a 20% reduction in deaths, which initially held a 2017 target.

Despite the city’s efforts thus far, Los Angeles pedestrian accident statistics remain bleak: though pedestrians only made up 8% of traffic accidents in L.A. over a five-year period, they remained among the most vulnerable, and made up 44% of those killed in accidents. In that same period, hit-and-runs rose by 69%. Overwhelmingly, the data points to an unfortunate truth: even with the city’s intervention, pedestrians are overwhelmingly vulnerable to the actions of reckless drivers.

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